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Shenzhen Konix Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Konix Technology Co., Ltd is one of the largest silicone flexible keyboard, silicone electronic drum kits and roll up piano producer in china.
We are one of flexible keyboard, Bluetooth keyboard, iPad keyboard, 88 keys piano, hand roll piano, roll up piano, portable roll up piano, keyboards music, flexible keyboard piano( Separable & folding siliocne piano), electronic drum,roll up drum kit, midi drum ki, usb game pad, drum pad, electric guitar cable,usb guitar link cable, guitar cable 6.35mm,usb to midi cable, Portable Karaoke, silicone drum manufactory in shenzhen, beautiful design, stable quality.
Until now we have accumulated more than 10 years experience in this field and possessed more than 200 professional staffs.Now, all of our roll keyboards,drum kits and roll pianos have already passed the CE, FCC, BQB and RoHS certifictions. Currently we export about 50,000pcs roll pianos per month respectively, which can well prove our most competitive prices and dependable qualtiy.
Not everyone has the time or space to take up a formal instrument in our life. If that's you, then these digital piano & eletronic drum kit may be perfect because its appearance is soft silicone, which make it foldable for compact storage. This ability also makes it a excellent portable piano & hand roll-up drum pad for people who are always on-the-go, because it is easy to put in a backpack or bag to carry it around.
While it's not meant to replace a full-sized piano & drum kit, it is a cheap way to test out your music skills or as a stop-gap until you get good enough to warrant investing in a more expensive professional instrument. The roll up piano and drum set also are great gift for families and friends with young ones, and everyone will appreciate the ability to hook up the electronic piano or drum sticks to a pair of headphones so only the practicing pianist or drumer can hear their music!
Roll Up Piano PN88S manufacturers China
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