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(Yeni Üye)
Yeni Üye

Üyelik Tarihi: 11-05-2018
Doğum Tarihi: 17-05-1990 - [Şu anda 28 yaşında]
Şu anki Tarih: 21-05-2018 Saat: 18:20
Durum: Çevrimdışı

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Kayıt Tarihi: 11-05-2018
Son Ziyareti: 11-05-2018, Saat: 05:13
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Aktiflik Süresi: 6 Dakika, 52 Saniye
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Web Sitesi: http://www.zzlcdz.com/medium-frequency-induction-heating-furnace/medium-fre
E-Posta: pata052t0 - E-Posta Gönder
pata052t0, Hakkında Kişisel Bilgiler
Konum: Belirtilmemiş
Hakkında: PDC oil bit welding equipment is a small high-frequency welding machine for all kinds of oil bit welding. The oil bit welding equipment produced by our company is also called oil bit welding machine, high frequency welding machine, small welding, and can be replaced Oxyacetylene heating, coal carbon oven heating, box furnace heating, salt bath heating and other traditional heating means, the production of drill welding machine is widely used in a variety of turning tools, carbide tools, saw blades, bits, bits, Drill pipe and other welding fields.
For the PDC oil bit welding equipment selection: Our equipment is relatively complete model, for high frequency welding machine, the ordinary 30KW, 50KW can meet, for example, a variety of drills, turning tools, saw blades, drill rods and other welding, we We will choose different power equipment for different welding needs. The purpose of our company is: only choose right, not expensive!
Technical parameters are as follows (for reference only, in kind prevail)
Working powerThree phase 380V/50Hz
Cooling water flow (host)18L/Min (0.1MPa)
Operating voltage range360V~420VCooling water pressure0.1~0.3MPa
Maximum input current45AWater temperature protection point55℃
Maximum output power30KWweight38Kg
Oscillation frequency20~35KHzHost Dimensions (mm3)265×600×540
effectiveness90%machine typeXXYP-30
Load duration100%Special recommendationTool and drill welding
The advantages of PDC oil bit welding equipment:
◆ Induction heating speed, high efficiency.
◆ Simply place the copper (or silver) solder tab between the cutter head and the base body.
◆ Energy saving and low cost.
◆ Small oxidation area.
◆ Welds are full and firm after welding.Medium Frequency Welding Equipment price
Cinsiyet: Belirtilmemiş